Podcast – A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast

Heather Smith is an Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist and Psychedelic Integration Therapist.

By drawing out the inner healing intelligence of each clients, Smith helps them navigate their way to feeling better; towards having more clarity, confidence, courage, and calmness in their lives. Her focus is primarily on healing deeply held childhood trauma and providing psychedelic education, integration, and harm reduction for those who choose to use psychedelics in a therapeutic way. She provides counseling to both users and non-users of psychedelics.

Smith has had the privilege of building competency to provide Psychedelic Integration by training from MAPS Therapist Training Program, Compass Pathways Therapist Training, Fluence (Psychedelics for Clinician), and conferences such as Horizons and SOAP. As a certified IFS Therapist, she has completed several trainings to include Levels 1-3, The Online Circle, The Continuity Program.


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