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The effects of childhood abuse can be detrimental to one’s health well into adulthood. Lorilee Binstock shares her own experiences of sexual abuse and her personal struggles to survive. If you or someone you know is struggling or if you just want to listen to inspiring stories of resilience, join Lorilee Binstock as she talks with mental health advocates and experts. A Trauma Survivor Thriver’s Podcast will provide the  resources to dismantle the stigma around mental illness and take you on a journey to mental wellness.

After seeking treatment with the help of her husband, Lorilee finally realized she didn’t have to suffer through this trauma. Facing your demons head-on is a choice. It’s a hard choice and many people don’t even know where to begin. Lorilee is here to provide resources for you. Through interviews with mental health experts, fellow survivors, and her personal story, join Lorilee on this journey to mental wellness. our best podcasts is best subconscious mind podcasts, healing subconscious mind podcast, sexual trauma & addiction podcast, power of doing nothing podcasts and amazing divorce podcasts.
  • Traumatic InvalidationTraumatic Invalidation
    This is a LIVE replay of A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast which aired Wednesday, September 28th, 2022 at 1130pm ET on Fireside Chat. Today’s guest is Lu Bryant.  Lu specializes in Reiki, Trauma, Spiritual Healing, and sound and light healing and has a unique perspective on Complex PTSD. She has just published… Read more »
  • Surviving Suicide LossSurviving Suicide Loss
    This is a LIVE replay of A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast which aired Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 1130pm ET on Fireside Chat. It’s World Suicide Prevention Month. And this week on A Trauma Survivor Thriver’s Podcast, Suzie Wheeler joins me to discuss secondary trauma that comes from losing a loved one… Read more »
  • Sobriety SolutionsSobriety Solutions
    This is a LIVE replay of A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast which aired Wednesday, September 14th, 2022 at 11:30pm ET on Fireside Chat. When recovering from addiction, a key part is a support system. World Renowned Addiction Expert, Robb Kelly joins me LIVE on Fireside Chat to discuss sobriety solutions and healing… Read more »
  • The McCall Method: Psychedelic IntegrationThe McCall Method: Psychedelic Integration
    This is a LIVE replay of A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast which aired Wednesday, September 7th, 2022 at 11:30pm ET on Fireside Chat. Ian McCall, Retired American Mixed Martial Arts World Champion, Psychedelic Research Advocate, Decriminalize California Event Director, Psilocybin Advocate, Performance Coach & Mentor, shares the benefits of psychedelics in reversing CTE… Read more »
  • An Amazing DivorceAn Amazing Divorce
    This is a LIVE replay of A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast which aired Thursday, May 26th, 2022 at 1230pm ET on Fireside Chat. Karen Millon, Certified Professional Coach, Host of The HealIn Podcast and Author of An Amazing Divorce shares pragmatic ways to create an amicable break-up and how to co-parent secure… Read more »
  • Overcoming Complex PTSDOvercoming Complex PTSD
    This is a LIVE replay of A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast which aired Thursday, May 12th, 2022 at 1230pm ET on Fireside Chat. Today's Guest is Kimberly Bell. Kimberly, Minister and Author of "The Epitome of Kimmy," shares her painful and traumatic past experiences from being abandoned and abused as a child… Read more »
  • Healing Through the Subconscious MindHealing Through the Subconscious Mind
    This is a LIVE replay of A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast which aired Thursday, May 12th, 2022 at 1230pm ET on Fireside Chat. Today’s guest is Marci Moberg. Marci is an intuitive soul guide, shadow worker, plant spirit teacher, and psychedelic integration coach. She is also the host of the podcast “Tune… Read more »
  • A Peloton of One: Surviving Childhood Sexual AbuseA Peloton of One: Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse
    Today’s guest is John Bernardo. John Bernardo is an award-winning, Film and Video Director/Producer with over 20 years of experience in the industry, specializing in documentary film and digital docu-series. John has produced a variety of long-form content, television integrations, and web series that have aired on AMC, ESPN, NBCU,… Read more »
  • Sexual Trauma & AddictionSexual Trauma & Addiction
    This is a LIVE replay of A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast which aired Thursday, April 21st, 2022 at 1230pm ET on Fireside Chat. Today’s guest is Andrea Mack. Andrea is a Certified Life Coach and Founder and CEO of Get Your Life Back with Andrea Mack, specializing in Trauma and Recovery.  … Read more »
  • Level-Up to Your Highest SelfLevel-Up to Your Highest Self
    This is a LIVE replay of A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast which aired Thursday, April 21st, 2022 at 1230pm ET on Fireside Chat. Today’s guest is Amanda Monnier. Amanda is an Energy Healer, Certified energetic allergy healing practitioner, Certified Magnetic Mind Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher, Emotion Code Practitioner, certified Transformational Nutrition Coach,… Read more »
  • Don’t F*cking Kill Yourself: Suicide PreventionDon’t F*cking Kill Yourself: Suicide Prevention
    If you are in crisis, call the toll-free National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is a LIVE replay of A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast which aired Thursday, April 7, 2022 at 1230pm ET on Fireside Chat. Today’s guest is Best-Selling Author… Read more »
  • Devil Take the Hindmost: A True Story of TerrorDevil Take the Hindmost: A True Story of Terror
    This week is a recorded episode with my guest Michael Gagliardi. Michael is a writer and author of "Devil Take The Hindmost: The True Story of Terror.” The harrowing true story of a young boy's survival for 12 plus years with a demonically possessed mother. She terrorized the family, the… Read more »
  • The Invisible Girl: Childhood Sexual Abuse PreventionThe Invisible Girl: Childhood Sexual Abuse Prevention
    This is a LIVE replay of A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast which aired Thursday, March 17, 2022 at 1230pm ET on Fireside Chat.Today’s guest is Author Yvonne Sandomir. Yvonne Sandomir is the author of the recently released memoir The Invisible Girl.  She is a certified Mindfulness coach with more than six years of… Read more »
  • The Power of Doing NothingThe Power of Doing Nothing
    This is a LIVE replay of A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast which aired Thursday, March 10, 2022 at 1230pm ET on Fireside Chat.Today’s guest is Best-Selling Author Jessie Kanzer. Jessie is a writer and best-selling author of “Don’t Just Sit There, Do Nothing.” She is also a former reporter and actress.… Read more »
  • Healing Energy to Heal IllnessHealing Energy to Heal Illness
    This is a LIVE replay of A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast which aired Thursday, March 3, 2022 at 1230pm ET on Fireside Chat. Today’s guest is Teresa Bruni. Teresa is the healer and Founder of Less Fear, More Flow, a #1 International Best-Selling Author, and speaker. She lives life from her heart… Read more »
  • Screwed to ThrivingScrewed to Thriving
    This is a LIVE replay of A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast which aired Thursday, February 17, 2022 at 1230pm ET on Fireside Chat. Today’s guest is Author Zelna Oberholster. Zelna is the author of Napierville: The journey of a "Sporie" from sexual abuse to healing and flourishing. She is also a life… Read more »
  • Trauma Talk with ChildrenTrauma Talk with Children
    This is a LIVE replay of A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast which aired Thursday, February 10, 2022 at 1230pm ET on Fireside Chat. Today’s guest is Author Rylee Tuggle. Rylee is the author of My Voice Matters and The Trusted Trio. Other book titles include Helping Paws: A Day in the Life… Read more »
  • Feel to Heal TraumaFeel to Heal Trauma
    This is a LIVE replay of A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast which aired Thursday, January 27, 2022 at 1230pm ET on Fireside Chat. My Guest today is Ashley Bernardi.  Ashley is an award-winning podcaster, CEO, author, publicist, speaker, and founder of Nardi Media LLC. She has a deep interest in health and… Read more »
  • Trauma & SobrietyTrauma & Sobriety
    This is a LIVE replay of A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast which aired Thursday, January 20, 2022 at 12:00pm ET on Fireside Chat. Today’s guest is Amy Guerrero. Amy is a trauma-informed recovery coach, conscious sober person, and founder of Thrive In Recovery, a coaching practice developed for sober people to heal… Read more »
  • Trauma EducationTrauma Education
    This is a LIVE replay of A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast which aired Thursday, January 19th, 2022 at 12:30pm ET on Fireside Chat. My guest today is Karen Gross. Karen Gross currently serves as Senior Counsel to Finn Partners. She advised the Biden Election Domestic Policy Committee, focusing on student mental wellness. She is… Read more »
  • Forgiveness is the New F-wordForgiveness is the New F-word
    This is a LIVE replay of A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast which aired Thursday, January 13th, 2022 at 11AM ET on Fireside Chat. My guest today is Shannon Moroney.  Shannon is a bestselling author of two memoirs: Through the Glass, her own story following the violent crimes committed by her first husband, and Out of… Read more »
  • Finding Your Authentic PowerFinding Your Authentic Power
    If the last year has taught us anything, it has shown us that we are resilient creatures who regardless of the difficulties, job layoffs, illnesses, if you are listening to this podcast you have survived. For many people, the year has magnified dormant mental health issues or created a host… Read more »
  • A Soldier‘s Psychedelic JourneyA Soldier‘s Psychedelic Journey
    I am an advocate for Psychedelics to help with treatment-resistant trauma. Recent research by MAPS, the multi-disciplinary association of psychedelic studies, has shown that psychedelics such as MDMA combined with psychotherapy has been found to be effective and well-tolerated in reducing ‘Post-traumatic stress disorder' or PTSD symptoms in veterans and… Read more »
  • Surviving Death & Finding FreedomSurviving Death & Finding Freedom
    My guest today is retired NHL center, Dave Scatchard who is best known for his time with the Vancouver Kanucks and the New York Islanders. He may have been seen as the underdog, but his drive to overcome obstacles helped him achieve his childhood dream of becoming an NHL hockey… Read more »
  • Healing Traumatic Wounds: Seen & UnseenHealing Traumatic Wounds: Seen & Unseen
    Grief is a normal reaction to loss however, when a loss of a loved one is sudden or tragic, it can be traumatic. My guest today is Nikki Mammano. On October 13, 2019, she was in an accident with four friends when she lost her boyfriend and suffered a TBI,… Read more »
  • Embracing Post-Traumatic GrowthEmbracing Post-Traumatic Growth
    This episode is brought to you by stamps.com. With my promo code, POD, you get a special offer that includes a 4-week trial PLUS free postage and a digital scale. No long-term commitments or contracts. Just go to Stamps.com, click on the microphone at the TOP of the homepage and… Read more »
  • Somatic Yoga: Healing Sexual WoundsSomatic Yoga: Healing Sexual Wounds
    When experiencing trauma, that energy and those feelings live well beyond the actual event in the nervous system. When similar feelings are triggered, it’s the body that remembers. In my earliest days of treatment, somatic experiencing therapy was the first modality that really began my healing. On my podcast, I’ve… Read more »
  • Victory Over CancerVictory Over Cancer
    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. According to a German study, about 80% of women diagnosed with early-stage disease had symptoms of PTSD between the time they were diagnosed and the start of treatment. My guest today is Rosie Mankes, a life coach and author of Find Your Joy and… Read more »
  • A Psychedelic RebirthA Psychedelic Rebirth
    Psychedelics have been a big part of my healing. I am a huge advocate for it as a means of personal growth. As a teen I also used psychedelics recreationally and looking back, it really opened my mind to things and ideas I should have explored more, which is why… Read more »
  • The Triumph of A Special Needs MomThe Triumph of A Special Needs Mom
    As a parent, I am aware of the pressure of what it takes to be a mom. The pressure we put on ourselves and for many the pressure we assume others are putting on us. It is a constant job and a thankless one. For stay-at-home moms, a lot of… Read more »
  • Going Slightly Greener for HealthGoing Slightly Greener for Health
    We know trauma and genetics contribute to mental health issues. However, we don’t discuss how environmental toxins can also be to blame. Toxins impact nearly every aspect of our body and can damage the brain, leading to a variety of physical and mental symptoms, increasing the risk of depression, suicide,… Read more »
  • Rise From The Ashes: Resilience of the Children of 9/11Rise From The Ashes: Resilience of the Children of 9/11
    It’s hard to believe that it has been nearly 20 years since the 9/11 attacks took place in New York City in 2001. Traumatic events like this become imprinted in our minds. Some choose to forget, especially if we are directly affected. But if an event like this becomes so… Read more »
  • Coming to Terms with TraumaComing to Terms with Trauma
    As we approach the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, I wanted to invite a former ATSTP guest, Matthew John Bocchi. Last year, he released the first memoir written by a surviving child of a 9/11 victim. This year Sway is being re-released in paperback.… Read more »
  • Justice Over Childhood Sexual AbuseJustice Over Childhood Sexual Abuse
    Children are reluctant to report abuse for fear of not being believed or even worse, being punished. What if the abuse is by the hands of a close family member? From my own experience, I understand the fear of living with an abuser and the manipulation it took to keep… Read more »
  • Black Men In America: How to Navigate DiscriminationBlack Men In America: How to Navigate Discrimination
    Throughout my podcast, my focus has not only been to destigmatize mental illness but to also to provide different perspectives to elicit empathy and compassion. When we are fully able to be curious, we begin to develop a better understanding of others.   D. John Jackson joins me today, he… Read more »
  • Psychedelic Integration (Part 3)Psychedelic Integration (Part 3)
    This is Part 3 of my 3-part podcast series in my MDMA experience. Heather Smith, my  Internal Family Systems therapist and Psychedelic Integrative therapist joins A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast to discuss MDMA's ability to heal trauma and how to integrate the experience post MDMA session.   We discuss transformational… Read more »
  • Psychedelic Integration (Part 2)Psychedelic Integration (Part 2)
    In part 2 of my 3-part podcast series, I have invited Deborah Servetnick, Transformational and Psychedelic Integrative Coach on A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast. Deborah is a cancer survivor and was part of the Johns Hopkins Research in psychedelic therapy. Deborah joins the show to discuss the psychedelic experience to… Read more »
  • Psychedelic Integration (Part 1)Psychedelic Integration (Part 1)
    This is the first of my 3-part podcast series in my MDMA experience. Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine (MDMA) is commonly known as ecstasy (E) or molly. This episode discusses what I did to prep with my personal trauma therapist, Internal Family Systems Therapist, and Psychedelic Integrative Therapist, Heather Smith.  In my journey to… Read more »
  • Psilocybin's Therapeutic RebirthPsilocybin's Therapeutic Rebirth
    My search for alternative trauma treatments from my own childhood sexual abuse led me to so many modalities: EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Brainspotting, Neurofeedback, and so much more. But nothing intrigued me as much as psychedelic-assisted therapy, which includes MDMA, LSD and psilocybin mushrooms, and ketamine among others.  In this episode… Read more »
  • Neurostimulation Therapy: Treating Mental Health with Electrical StimulationNeurostimulation Therapy: Treating Mental Health with Electrical Stimulation
    In my quest to find alternative therapies and even medications to help mental health, I’ve been testing out a neurostimulation device that you wear for 20 minutes a day to treat insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Today's guest is Kelly Roman Co-founder and CEO of Fisher Wallace Laboratories which created the… Read more »
  • Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention with RAINNSexual Assault Awareness & Prevention with RAINN
    Everyday hundreds of Americans are affected by Sexual Violence. RAINN, the Rape Assault Incest National Network is an organization dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual violence every day of the year. However, in April during Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, RAINN is asking you to be a part of… Read more »
  • Cannabis Integrative TherapyCannabis Integrative Therapy
    33 states including the District of Columbia all have access to medical marijuana, and more are considering bills to do the same.  From limited research, cannabis can potentially reduce anxiety, inflammation, relieve pain, control nausea and vomiting, kill cancer cells and slow tumor growth. Eduardo Cortina, Licensed Professional Counselor and… Read more »
  • There was ViolenceThere was Violence
    Managing a child’s behavior is one of the biggest challenges parents face. Many parents think that physical punishment is an acceptable form of discipline with more than two-thirds of American adults agreeing or strongly agreeing that children sometimes need a “good hard spanking.” That is according to the National Child… Read more »
  • Autism, A Super Blessing with Antonio MyersAutism, A Super Blessing with Antonio Myers
    According to the Centers for Disease Control, autism affects an estimated 1 in 54 children in the United States today. The Autism Society, the nation’s leading grassroots autism organization to create autism awareness, inclusion, and self-determination for all with a goal to assure that each person with Autism Spectrum Disorder has the opportunity… Read more »
  • Riding the Storm: Dismantling the Stigma of Men's Mental HealthRiding the Storm: Dismantling the Stigma of Men's Mental Health
    According to Recovery Across Mental Health (RAMH), men and women are equally affected by mental illness, however, many people may feel like there's an imbalance assuming women are mostly affected. Women are more likely than men to disclose mental health issues and seek help. The stigma around men and mental… Read more »
  • Healing the SurvivorsHealing the Survivors
    An estimated 70 percent of adults in the United States have experienced a traumatic event at least once in their lives and up to 20 percent of these people go on to develop posttraumatic stress disorder or PTSD. That’s According to the Sidran Institute, a non-profit organization that helps people… Read more »
  • Pregnancy & Infant LossPregnancy & Infant Loss
    Losing a baby — either during pregnancy or after birth — may be one of the most heartbreaking and painful experiences a parent will ever endure. Yet these experiences are more common than most of us realize. According to the National Institute of Health, about 10-15% of women will experience… Read more »
  • The New Golden RuleThe New Golden Rule
    You’ve heard of the Golden Rule, right? “Treat others as you want others to treat you.” But have you heard of the NEW Golden Rule? “Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you?"   Emily Golden joins a Trauma Survivor Thriver’s Podcast to tell us why the NEW… Read more »
  • The Parakeet Drawing with Gina DefaThe Parakeet Drawing with Gina Defa
    Anyone who has endured any type of trauma knows that those traumatic moments shape us. They become ripple effects that control how we respond to the world around us. And if we cannot control our own emotions, we are all held hostage by them until we make a conscious effort… Read more »
  • Sibling Sexual AbuseSibling Sexual Abuse
    It’s being called a worldwide epidemic. Brad Watts, Mental Health Professional, Sex Offender Specialist, and Author of Sibling Sexual Abuse: A Guide for Confronting America's Epidemic, joins this episode of A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast to discuss the taboo subject of sibling sexual abuse.  Watts provides crucial information for families,… Read more »
  • Building Mastery After AdversityBuilding Mastery After Adversity
    Many people in their lifetime will experience traumatic moments in their life that will shape who they become in the world. And so many of them will take those experiences and use that energy to thrive, not just for themselves, but also use that energy to help other’s find their… Read more »
  • Triggers of TraumaTriggers of Trauma
    On February 14, 2018, Valentine's Day, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in South Florida was the scene of the deadliest school shooting in US history.  The day began like any normal day for student Maddie King who remembers exchanging Valentines with friends with plans of a Valentine's Day dinner with… Read more »
  • Unconscious CommunityUnconscious Community
    Childhood Sexual Abuse is more prevalent than is being talked about. What can we do to fix that?  Patrice Griffin, Founder of Patrice's Kids and Author of The Conscious Community joins A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast to share her story as a fourteen-year-old girl who endures the horrors of child… Read more »
  • Narcissistic AbuseNarcissistic Abuse
    Many of us may have faced narcissistic abuse, whether it be from a parent, spouse, friend, or in the workplace. A lot of us may have complained that a co-worker or boss was a narcissist. And we may joke about it but the truth is prolonged exposure to this type… Read more »
  • The Hope BoxThe Hope Box
    The United Nations estimates 60 million children and infants have been abandoned by their families and live on their own or in orphanages in the world. In the United States, more than 7,000 children are abandoned each year. The abandonment of children is an extreme form of child neglect stemming from many causes. Sarah Koeppen is a child advocate, founder of the Hope Box, and… Read more »
  • Trafficking ConspiraciesTrafficking Conspiracies
    Advocates fighting against human trafficking have long fought for the topic to hit mainstream media for years, which it has now, mostly because of organizations pushing conspiracy theories. With the spread of false information, non-profits working to bring awareness of the seriousness of the facts are concerned these distractions will… Read more »
  • Conversations with Gen ZersConversations with Gen Zers
    A Pew Research Study shows Generation Z as the most racially and ethnically diverse generation and are on track to be the most well-educated yet. But world events in their short lifetime have also taken a toll on their mental health. This is the generation shaping the social, political and… Read more »
  • Where the War EndsWhere the War Ends
    On this Veterans Day, Tom Voss, military veteran, advocate, national liaison for Project Welcome Home Troops and Author of Where War Ends joins Lorilee Binstock for episode 18. After his return home from service, Voss found himself trapped in a world of chaos in his mind.  In a last ditch effort… Read more »
  • A Wild Ride to HealingA Wild Ride to Healing
    Being a mom is hard enough, but being a mom in the military can take its toll especially if both parents are enlisted. Major Annette Whittenberger, military veteran, entrepreneur, author, and host of The Truths We Hide Podcast joins Lorilee Binstock to discuss being a victim of military sexual abuse… Read more »
  • Military Sexual TraumaMilitary Sexual Trauma
    In Episode 16, Sgt. Karalyn Martin joins A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast to share her story of unbelievable resilience. Sergeant Martin has endured extreme traumas in her life including multiple sexual abuse by family members. She joined the Marine Corps to escape her past only to find herself in a… Read more »
  • The Truth PrescriptionThe Truth Prescription
    Dr. Seku Gather's Joins A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast. Read more »
  • Human TraffickingHuman Trafficking
    Human Trafficking may not look like how you imagine and you may not realize how close to home it really is. In episode 14, Katherine McGibbons, Human Trafficking Survivor and Co-Founder of Twelve11 discusses her personal experience of being trafficked and how she was able to escape. Katherine also gives… Read more »
  • Informed ConsentInformed Consent
    In this episode of A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast, learn about what consent really means. Melissa Hoppmeyer,Chief of Special Victims and Family Violence Unit at Prince George County State Attorney's Office explains consent in accordance to the law, domestic violence, how to deal with trauma-focused investigations and more. Melissa Hoppmeyer,… Read more »
  • Childhood TraumaChildhood Trauma
    Lorilee Binstock takes an in-depth look at the short and long-term effects of childhood trauma, featuring  Dr. Samantha Sweeney, child psychologist and Elementary Youth Development Senior Manager Melanie Holland Orr of Horton's Kids, a mentor program for children and teens living in at-risk neighborhoods in Washington, DC. Dr. Sweeney discusses… Read more »
  • Anti-Asian Sentiment During COVIDAnti-Asian Sentiment During COVID
    Since the beginning of the COVID Pandemic, Asian Americans have been forced to endure acts of bigotry and hate from verbal abuse to physical attacks. On September 17, 2020, the House passed a resolution condemning anti-Asian sentiment. But what kind of trauma does this xenophobic rhetoric create in our society… Read more »
  • Suicide SurvivorsSuicide Survivors
    The content of this podcast may contain trigger information. Discretion is advised. According to a report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), suicide rates for adults in the US are on the rise. Each person who dies by suicide leaves behind an estimated six or more “suicide survivors”… Read more »
  • My Story: Suicide AwarenessMy Story: Suicide Awareness
    September is Suicide Awareness Month and more times than I can remember, I've experienced suicidal ideations and five serious suicide attempts. The hard truth is that when depression hits, it's hard to even understand any other way out. In Episode 7, Chad Moses of TWLOHA defines suicide as "a fatal… Read more »
  • Sway: 9/11, Abuse & AddictionSway: 9/11, Abuse & Addiction
    After losing his father in 9/11 at the age of nine, Matthew Bocchi was on a mission to find out what happened in his father's final moments. In his search for answers, a family member took advantage of his vulnerability which inevitably sent him down a dangerous road to addiction.… Read more »
  • Suicide PreventionSuicide Prevention
    September is Suicide Prevention Month. In this episode, I speak with Chad Moses at "To Write Love On Her Arms." Both Chad and I discuss our experiences with self-harm and suicidal ideation and how we were able to endure and find a life worth living. We also talk about ways… Read more »
  • Healing Through The ArtsHealing Through The Arts
    In this episode, we speak with Trauma Survivor Thriver Melissa Dobbs. She describes her personal story and how healing through the arts helped her connect to her inner child, grow a wildly successful business and help other children heal their own trauma. Winners for the #atstgiveaway are: Anna in Florida!… Read more »
  • Child Abuse During QuarantineChild Abuse During Quarantine
    Today, we speak with ChildHelp Developmental Officer Michael Medoro about the shady statistics surrounding child abuse during this time of quarantine. Read more »
  • Disability & AbuseDisability & Abuse
    Children with developmental disabilities and mental health diagnoses are about 5 times more likely to be sexually abused than children without disabilities. In this episode, I speak with Nellie Galindo, Mental Health and Disabilities Advocate and trauma survivor Anna Myers who also lives with a learning disability. Read more »
  • Somatic ExperiencingSomatic Experiencing
    In this episode of A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast, I invite my Somatic Experiencing Practitioner from Sierra Tucson to discuss the many immediate and effective modalities I've used to heal my trauma. I discuss my own success stories with these holistic therapies and why they are so effective in healing… Read more »
  • Destigmatize Mental IllnessDestigmatize Mental Illness
    In our push to destigmatize mental illness, I talk with renowned psychiatrist Dr. Suvrat Bhargave, author of A Moment of Insight. Dr. B opens up about his own trauma of childhood sexual abuse and how he reached his moment of insight. We talk about the stigma surrounding mental illness and tangible… Read more »
  • Transgenerational/Racial TraumaTransgenerational/Racial Trauma
    Dr. Crystal McLeod, LCSW, BCD and I discuss transgenerational/racial trauma and the idea of cancel culture, whether it's bullying or activism. It's a fascinating conversation that I hope will allow listeners to better understand how both historical and present-day traumas live on through black communities that have endured these unique… Read more »
  • Vulnerability Is My Super PowerVulnerability Is My Super Power
    This is my why. The reason for doing my podcast and leaving myself exposed. The more I talk about my trauma, the less it has control over me. When I talk about my truth, I see how it helps others face their own demons. Vulnerability allows a person to become their… Read more »
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