Podcast – A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast

This is a LIVE replay of A Trauma Survivor Thriver’s Podcast which aired Thursday, May 12th, 2022 at 1230pm ET on Fireside Chat.

Today’s guest is Marci Moberg.

Marci is an intuitive soul guide, shadow worker, plant spirit teacher, and psychedelic integration coach. She is also the host of the podcast “Tune in with Marci.”  She has a passion for reconnecting sensitive souls to their intuitive nature to heal their past and sense of belonging to the animate earth.  Marci empowers big-hearted empathic people to stand in their power, trust their intuition, and embody their truth.  Guiding clients through deep underworld and magical otherworld journeys.  Her work includes mentoring individuals and groups drawing from a rich fusion of ancient and modern approaches including: plant and fungi spirit medicine, dreamwork, ancestral lineage healing, shadow integration, past life regression, somatic approaches to trauma resolution, life coaching, mindfulness, psychedelic integration, and sacred ritual.

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