Podcast – A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast

This week is a recorded episode with my guest Michael Gagliardi.

Michael is a writer and author of “Devil Take The Hindmost: The True Story of Terror.” The harrowing true story of a young boy’s survival for 12 plus years with a demonically possessed mother. She terrorized the family, the neighbors, and authorities in a small northern town in Ontario Canada from the mid 70’s to the mid 80’s. He also authored “Devil Take the Hindmost Part 2: The Aftermath. 

He speaks on the paranormal, demonology, and Biblical discoveries, educating people on the reality of a spiritual world and its inhabitants, the origins, function and end game as they pertain to human existence. Michael has a certificate in Eschatology from the Henry Morris Institute and is a worship leader in his church for many years.

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